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"Design is like gravity---the force that holds it all together."

-Edgar Whitney




Many of my quilts and collages have a common theme: the women connected with the Pre-Raphaelite movement of mid-Victorian England. Influenced by poetry, early Renaissance art and the Gothic Revival movement, painters such as Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Edward Burne Jones and designer William Morris created romantic, symbolic art that predated Art Nouveau. The enigmatic expressions of the women who became their models, wives and lovers haunted me. In reading about their lives, I learned that many of them had their own talents as painters, embroiderers and writers. I hope to honor them and connect with the spirits of these women, who were not as free to express and develop their talents as most women are today.

Thoughts of Art and Beauty

11" X 11"

Paper, commercial and hand-dyed cottons, metallic netting, vintage lace

Rosa Alba

24 ½" X 17"

Cotton and polyester fabrics, machine quilting. This includes two disperse dye transfers. The vine, printed on polyester tulle, is layered over the face.


24 ½" X 17"

Painted and printed paper, cotton fabrics and metallic trims, machine stitching.

Sleeping Beauty

8 ¼" X 6 "

Hand-dyed cotton, oil pastel, printed and sponge-painted papers.

Merlin's Downfall

12" X 10"

Hand-dyed burlap, printed and painted papers with oil pastel.

Sea Sketch

14 ½" X 9 ¼"

Printed, painted and stenciled papers, hand dyed burlap. This collage led to the following quilt. Rarely does my vision change so little as it did this time.

The Sea Has Many Voices

21 " X 18 ¼"

Cottons, metallic laces and trims, printed paper with watercolor crayons and oil pastels, hand and machine stitching.

An Ordinary Dream

9 ½" X 12"

Disperse dye transfer, discharged black cotton, fragments of lace and fancy fabrics, vintage buttons. Hand and machine stitching.

Broken Heart

8 ¼" X 10 ¾"

Printed and painted papers, Japanese lace paper, corrugated coffee cup wrapper, rubber stamping and metallic embossing, oil pastels.

Blue Jane

10" X 8"

Paper, dyed lace, oil pastels. My inspiration for this collage came in part from looking closely at Georgia O'Keefe's 1927 painting, "Poppy."


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