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"Design is like gravity---the force that holds it all together."

-Edgar Whitney



All classes are one full day unless specified otherwise.

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Morning Glories Quilt

When I was in college, you never could have convinced me that teaching would be in my future. But now my greatest rewards come from sharing what I have learned. I hope that my classes will help my students do more than just master a technique or design concept, that each person will leave excited about the prospect of continuing their journey in the world of art. Mostly, I want everyone to have fun and to make stuff that satisfies their soul.


I really enjoy judging quilts and wearables. It is a challenging task. While my college degree in design gives me formal knowledge and confidence, being exposed to quilts and wearable art of all kinds for 40 years is what really helps me as a judge. Each time, I am in awe of the imagination and skill on display.


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