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"Design is like gravity---the force that holds it all together."

-Edgar Whitney




Fabric has always been an important part of my life. After graduating with a B.S in Fashion Design from the University of Cincinnati, I worked in the garment industry for several years. Eventually, quiltmaking, fiber arts and collage took over my life. Teaching, judging quilt shows, writing books and magazine articles turned out to be a much more satisfying career. Over the years, I have participated in ten editions of the invitational Fairfield and Bernina Fashion Shows. This allows me to fulfil my need to create beautiful and elaborate fashions without worrying about the restrictions of the retail marketplace.


My style is rooted in the curves, asymmetry and sinuous lines of Art Nouveau. Flowers and plants are a primary source of inspiration, just as they were for the artists of the Belle Epoque. Traditional needle arts, always considered "women's arts", are important to me, both as a source of inspiration and as skills that I can use and adapt to tell my story. I think of my quilts and collages as being sister artworks. They are all assembled from the same things: textiles, paper, embellishments and memories.


Being an unreformed collector, I gather bits and pieces that help me touch the past. Old postcards, buttons and bits of lace often become a pert of my art. Other times, I simply need to have them around me. They possess a sense of age and mystery, of stories grasped only in fragmentary form, that I hope my work also holds.


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